Sunday, February 15, 2015

I’d Snap at the Chance to Be Your Valentine!

It it terribly cold here right now. We’ve had several days in the mid 20’s and many nights that were below zero. Bitter cold weather that isn’t any fun and keeps us all indoors. It was so cold on Friday that the schools chose to open 2 hours late just to ensure that all of the schools had power and so that the kids wouldn’t have to wait outside for buses as early in the morning as they usually would. Harpers school typically follows our county school closing schedule, but this time they made an exception and the kids got to go to school.

I was so happy he was able to go because he was excited about passing out his Valentine’s Day cards to his friends. Usually I’d try to come up with something homemade, but I just ran out of time this year and hit up Target two days before his exchange. Nothing like cutting it close! I was happy to find a cute selection of cards to choose from and even happier when I found a kit that allowed him to put the card together himself. Thursday afternoon, Harper, Dakota and I sat down to make his alligator mask Valentine cards:





Neither of the kids would be still long enough for me to get a decent picture of them behind the mask…


On the back of the mask was a little sticker that read “I’d Snap at the Chance to Be Your Valentine!”. Cheesy, yes…but cute for a four year old!

When I picked Harper up from school on Friday he could. not. wait. to get home and open up all his Valentines. He wanted me to read him each card and tell him who it was from, and he was just thrilled with everything. (I was just happy to see that no one else bought the same kit from Target!)




Harper was very sweet about sharing his Valentine’s with Dakota. She hopped up next to him at the table and they both happily opened up all the cards and sifted through the candies. Harper asked if he could have a lollypop and then asked Dakota which one she’d like. I thought it was super nice of him to offer it to her without me having to intervene!

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