Sunday, February 15, 2015

Round and Round We Go

Tony, the two little kids and I got up on Saturday morning and headed to the mall. (Landon spent the night at a friends house the night before so he wasn’t home.) Dakota had been looking in a book a few days before and when she saw a carousel she said “me do that!” so we took her and Harper out to the mall for a ride.

Harper refuses to ride a horse or any kind of animal whenever we ride carousels and always chooses some sort of seated thing. This was his first time choosing this spinning seat and I was a little worried he wouldn’t end up liking it, but boy was I wrong! Before the ride started a little girl about his age climbed on and they spun that thing round and round nearly the whole ride! We were all dizzy just watching them!


Dakota, on the other hand is always eager to ride on the horses. She likes to make sure it’s one of the one’s that goes up and down too, not one of the lame one’s that doesn’t move! She waved to me a couple times, but for the most part she hung onto the pole for dear life!


Before leaving the house Tony told the kids that we’d also give them some pennies to throw in the fountain a the mall, one of their FAVORITE things to do. So, I counted out ten pennies for each of them and put them in a little container that they could carry with them. When we got to the fountain, we opened up their containers and Harper grabbed all of his pennies at once and tossed them all in at the same time. I guess he didn’t want to savor the moment at all. And Dakota, well she refused to throw hers in at all! She wanted to keep her “ninnies”. So much for that idea. 

After having lunch we headed back home. It was a short little trip, but it was a good way to get out of the house for a few hours. All this cold weather keeping up cooped up in the house gets old.

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