Sunday, February 15, 2015

Me and My Valentine

Tony and I don’t go overboard with the whole Valentine’s Day thing. We typically go out to dinner, just the two of us, and that’s it. This year, we did give each other a little gift, but nothing major. (Although, Tony wrote me the bestest, sweetest love letter ever, and I’ve threatened to have it framed and hung near the front door for all to see!)

Mema came over to watch the kids around 4pm and we headed out to Baltimore to try a new restaurant. A few weeks ago Tony made reservations at the Rusty Scupper at the Inner Harbor and our only time choices were 5pm or 8pm. We’re early eaters typically because our kids can hardly wait until 430pm most days to eat, so we chose the 5pm slot.

There was a small underground parking area for customers of the restaurant to use, so we went down and found a spot immediately…except when Tony pulled in we realized we weren’t going to be able to open the doors to get out of the car. The spots down there were terribly small and once Tony got us in, we could barely get the van back out. He spent about 5 solid minutes pulling back and forth trying to unstick us. It was ridiculous! After sweating it out for those 5 minutes, we were able to finally get out of the spot and we decided we’d better just go upstairs and park out in the open! We were just to damn thankful we hadn’t hit either of the cars we were wedged between!

The Rusty Scupper turned out to be a great place. We were a few minutes early when we got there, but we were seated immediately. Our waiter brought us water and some bread and dip while we waited. The bread was very good, but the special garlic/almond dip was to die for. It was an easy decision as far as dinner was concerned because the menu was pretty limited for the holiday.

We chose the shrimp cocktail for our appetizer and man was it delicious! The shrimp were gigantic! I then started with the cream of crab soup (I can’t ever NOT get cream of crab soup) and Tony got the Scupper salad.

I knew I wanted to get crab cakes as my main course because it’s something I rarely have but really like. They were some of the best crab cakes I think I’ve ever had. It came with mashed potatoes and green beans which were equally delicious. Tony chose the surf and turf. It came with a filet mignon and either a lobster tail or crab cake and the same sides as mine; he went with the lobster tail. Everything was yummy and I couldn’t even finish mine I was so full. I told Tony I didn’t even want to order dessert, and when the waiter asked, I refused, but Tony decided he wanted something. He ended up ordering the chocolate indulgence cake, and it was certainly chocolaty! It was very rich and tasty, but I only had a couple bites I was so full.


About 10 minutes before we left I saw a waiter guide in a blind man. I thought he was a diner but soon realized he was there to play the piano. I told Tony to enjoy his dessert very slowly so that we could listen to him play a bit before we left. It was really cool and we both recognized at least one of the tunes he played.

When we left the restaurant it was snowing. It was so pretty, but my god was it cold! I thought the snow was kind of romantic and pretty, but I couldn’t wait to get in the car and turn on the heat! Smile 

I had to wait for Tony to get in the van and pull out a little before I could get in because the guy who parked next to us was so close my door wouldn’t open. (Notice a theme here?) I don’t know how they managed to get out of their car and I even checked for dents on my door; thankfully there weren’t any! Anyways, while I was waiting, I did what any old lady would do, I took a selfie. Haha!


We got home just in time for Mema to head home before the snow got too bad and in time to get the little’s into the tub and bed.

It was a fun night and I’m looking forward to the next time Tony and I will be able to escape for a few hours!

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