Thursday, February 5, 2015

Vran Bowl II

My mom texted me tonight and told me that I needed to either start posting pictures to Instagram or start blogging again. I have to be honest though and say that I am just not feeling the blogging these days. I’ve not been using my phone for taking countless pictures either; I guess I’m just not feeling it. I have taken pictures of things going on here, but I haven’t been posting them for whatever reason.

I never even posted about our second annual “Vranbowl”, our answer to the ever boring Super Bowl. We basically made some football type snacks and then played silly minute to win it games. It was fun, but it didn’t seem as much fun as it had last year for some reason. Maybe I tried too hard, I don’t know.

But, here are some pictures of us playing those wacky games:

The first game was one where you used a straw to blow a q-tip out like a dart to knock over a stack of cups. It was tough, but everyone gave it their best shot. Dakota and Harper had a blast trying to knock them down!



The second game we played used a bottle and a deck of cards. The object of the game was to blow off all cards except the joker that was at the very bottom of the deck. Harper was the first one to win this challenge, and Zoe and I were also able to pull it off!



The next game was pretty simple and I think everyone was able to do it. You start with a stack of blue cups and put a single red one at the top. Then while holding the cups in one hand, you have to use the other to restack the cups one at a time until the red makes it back to the top. Easy enough…



Another game we tried was making a pyramid using 36 cups and then taking it back down into a single stack in under a minute. It was much harder than we thought and Tony came the closest to winning with only one cup left!



The following game is one I thought the two little kids would like, but it ended up being fun for all of us. Two pool noodles, a few marbles and some markers is all you need for this one. Using a noodle, roll a marble down and try to knock over the markers. Simple, yet not so simple. Tony helped Harper with his turn and I helped Dakota and she and I won the first round! She was so happy she came running to give me a hug!




The last game we played required 5 nuts, a skewer and a plate. To play, you had to hold the plate with the 5 nuts on it and stack them using the skewer. It wasn’t too hard, and I don’t even remember who was or wasn’t able to do it, but it was fun!




I hope that this will become an annual tradition for us since we don’t watch the Super Bowl. I think it’d be more fun if we had more people…so, maybe next year we’ll invite some people over for our party! Smile

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