Monday, March 9, 2015

A Regular Old Monday

Today, after what seems like forever, we had a normal Monday. (The stupid time change didn’t even mess me up!) Kota was up at her regular 6:20am, and I had to drag Harps and Lanny out of bed around 7:30am. Landon was off to school at 8:30 and the other two and I were out the door and on our way to preschool at 8:40. It felt good, that little routine.

I’m always a bit nervous when I have to get the two boys up in the morning because I don’t know how badly they’re going to drag. Landon is a terrible procrastinator and when I have to get Harper up too, it can be a really        s-l-o-w morning. Luckily, this morning wasn’t one of those days. They both got out of bed and did their thing and we were out of here on time.

After taking Harps to school, Kota and I hung out at Mema’s for a bit. I had a few errands to run so we left early, and Mema came along for the ride. Our errands didn’t take nearly as long as we’d thought and we ended up back at preschool to wait for Harper way earlier than necessary. After hanging out in the car for 15 minutes, I decided I’d take Mema and Dakota on a little tour of the new school. When we got there, Harper was eating snack, but as soon as he finished he jumped up and ran to Dakota to show her around. He got right in front of her and put his hands on her face and said “this is my school and you’ll come here next year”! It was so nice! Dakota was a little shy with all the unfamiliar faces but she really wanted to stay and play with all the toys. Some of Harper’s classmates offered words of encouragement to her and it was very sweet.

Since we were out, we decided to take the kids to lunch at Ledo’s. We sat and ate toasted ravioli and pizza before heading home for rest time. (No naps happening in my house anymore. It’s strange.)




It was a good Monday. A Monday that I recognize as normal and good and one that I’m hoping begins the trend of warmer days (it was close to 60 degrees here today!) and regularity. We’re over being holed up for the winter and ready for the adventures that Spring promises.

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