Sunday, March 8, 2015

National Aquarium in Baltimore, 2015

I was totally going to write a long blog post about our weekend, but then I remembered that the Walking Dead was about to come on and Tony feels like we HAVE to watch it the night it comes on, so, a long post will have to wait.

So, instead of lots of words, I’ll just post some pictures of our Saturday morning at the National Aquarium in Baltimore.












We spent a little extra this time to take the kids into the 4D IMAX show. They’re showing SpongeBob SquarePants: The Great Jelly Rescue! right now and we thought the kids would enjoy it. It was a short flick, about 10 minutes and Dakota was scared to death the entire time.She sat on Tony’s lap and whimpered until it was over. Harper loved it and was also scared to death the whole time. He jumped every time something would happen and he ended up sitting on my lap holding my hands for dear life. Landon liked it but he couldn’t figure out why Kota and Harps were so scared!

We had a great morning and now that we have a membership, we’ll definitely be going back.

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