Monday, March 23, 2015

Swim Lesson #4

Last weeks swim lessons were, as usual, awesome. The sessions are only 6 weeks long but they only got 4 classes out of it because of the darn snow. They’re both signed up for another session though and I’m looking forward to watching their progress. (We’ll be missing next week though because of spring break plans.)

For some reason Dakota got it in her mind that she didn’t want to go in the pool and when I brought her in she was crying. Luckily the teacher immediately picked her up and reassured her. It was so nice to see her teacher giving her the love and support she needed in that moment and Dakota was having a good time in a matter of minutes.

They did pretty much the same routine as the week before with going under, playing games, kicking their feet, jumping in from the side and floating on their backs.



At the end of class they were both given report cards. Harper’s indicated that he was mostly a level two while Dakota was still a level one. She isn’t as confident in the water as he is (probably just an age thing) and he’s quickly catching on to each concept while she’s still working on being okay with getting her face wet and going under water.

They’ll be taking the same 1/2 hour lesson together for at least another session, but I guess if Harper makes leaps and bounds while Dakota struggles I may have to split them up. I think a lot of Dakota’s willingness and strength comes from the support of her brother though, so splitting them up might not work either. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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