Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Blue Hair Don't Care

Landon asked me a few weeks ago if he could dye his hair for the last week of school. Originally he wanted "hulk" green, but when we got to the store yesterday he found a blue he liked better.

I'll admit that while his hair looks really blue in the above picture (I used a filter), it doesn't so much in real life. In real life it had a blue tint to it and looked more gray and dull than anything else. He seemed okay with it though, and that's all that really matters anyways. He's got tomorrow and Thursday and then he's finally done with school for the year. It seems impossible that he'll be heading to high school in the fall.

The two youngun's and I hung out here at the house all day today. We played Lego's and tea party and dress up in the basement. We put dinner in the crock pot, watched cartoons and chased eachother around the living room. Harper pretended to be a super hero and Dakota pretended to be my mommy. Dakota buckled me up in my car seat and Harper shot us all off to the moon. Imagination is not a problem in my house...we have tons and we know how to use it.

I saw the cutest project on Pinterest the other day and knew right away it was one I would do with the kids. They LOVE the song "Going on a Bear Hunt" and we make up all kinds of versions when we're in the car. We've swapped the bear for a ghost and a goat and gone on adventures through haunted houses and farms. It's a great way to kill time in the car and they just can't get enough of it.

Well, the project I found on Pinterest centered around the original song lyrics and we got busy making a bear hunt map.

We made swishy, swishy grass. We made a dark, cold river. We made icky, gicky mud, tall trees in a forest, a cold snowstorm and a cave with the bear inside.

Harper's Bear Hunt Map

While this project might not look like anything major, I would have to say that it was one that they really enjoyed. They were so involved in each step and sat happily putting their maps together for about 1/2 an hour. Harper loves that there is a door on the cave and Dakota really liked making the mud,
Dakota's Bear Hunt Map

After our art project they wanted to play at the table so I grabbed an alphabet puzzle and had Harper hide all the pieces under some "water" and then Dakota had to find them to put her puzzle together. 

While Dakota was busy fishing for letters Harper worked on a workbook I got him last summer. It was nearly finished but we found a few pages to complete. He completed the book today and he's ready for the next one...

I went upstairs to fold some laundry and when I checked on them I found them like this:

He's "reading" her his super hero book. They were looking over the pages and he was telling her all about Iron Man. She looks really interested in the photo above, and I suppose she probably was for a few minutes, but apparently she really wanted to play puppy.

Before bath tonight we all went out in the back yard to check on the garden. I was surprised to find the green beans were ready to be picked! 

Guess we'll be having green beans with dinner tomorrow! :)

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