Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer’s Here!

I’ve been keeping the kids pretty busy now that schools out. The only downside to keeping them busy is wearing myself out every day!

Last week we got to meet up with some preschool friends for an open play time at Rolly Pollies. Since my kids no longer attend the classes there, they were super excited to go back and play.



One of the little girls that will be in Dakota’s class this fall was there and they played together really nicely. Harper, of course, was happy to play with everyone, whether he knew them or not! Their personalities are SO different!

Landon had his last day of school on the 18th, and man was he happy to be finished with 8th grade. It’s wild that he’ll be going to high school in the fall!


We’ve been making an effort to go to the pool every day and the kids are loving that. We usually go when Tony gets home and stay until it’s time to head home for dinner, so we’re there about an hour and a half to two hours. Sometimes our plans are thwarted by passing thunderstorms, but we do try to get down there at least once a day.


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