Thursday, June 25, 2015

Cardboard Box Morning

I had a few deliveries yesterday and instead of tossing the boxes, we decided to make something with them today. Harper and I looked for some ideas on the WWW and he and I settled on making a pet home.

The red and blue on top is duct tape and Harper came up with the idea to make the stripes. Dakota wanted the triangle door and Harper suggested the windows and the toilet paper tube chimney....I just did what they asked. We found a little blanket and pillow to put inside and both kids grabbed a stuffed toy to play with, Harper chose a baby seal and Dakota picked a little elephant. 

While they played I went downstairs and found some lights to add and then Dakota ended up dragging her entire kitchen set over and we draped the lights over it as well. Then, they played.

They played in there until lunch time and got along nicely. After lunch, Landon was sweet and played with them a bit. (No pictures because he'd have been mad and quit playing.) Dakota asked him to be her baby, and he went along with it and just made her day! It was cute listening to them play and he was really nice about it instead of picking on her like he usually does. It was also a great way to sneak in a little alone time with Harper (we read a few books he picked out). 

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Water Balloons

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