Sunday, June 7, 2015

Harper's Pre-K Graduation

A week after Zoe graduated college, Harper graduated preschool. It's really wild that he's already finished two years of preschool and is heading to Kindergarten in the fall. I'm sooo not ready.

The morning of Harper's graduation started like any other preschool morning, but Tony and Landon stayed home so that they could attend his ceremony. Harper was to be at school by 9:30 so that he'd have plenty of time to get his picture taken and have a little play time with his friends before the ceremony began at 11am. I had planned to drive him to school, stop at the store and then go back home to get everyone, but things didn't quite work out as planned. Once I told Dakota that I was taking Harper to school she freaked out and wanted to go with us instead of staying home with Tony and Landon. (She wasn't dressed or anything but she raised a stink and I decided it'd just be easier to take her with me than leave her home screaming.) So, I dressed her quickly and we bolted out the door. As soon as we got to the school Harper started crying and saying he didn't want to go. I walked him in and showed him what was going on and did my best to ease his fears but nothing I did worked. He just kept crying and carrying on and hanging onto my arm begging to go home. He was making quite a scene so I brought him into the bathroom to wait for him to calm down, but that didn't work either...

Finally, after 20 minutes, I'd had enough and realized I wouldn't have time to go to the store before going home to get Tony and Landon so I passed Harper off to his teacher and off I went. Dakota and I dashed home so that I could fix her hair and grab something to eat before heading back to the school. We made it back with time to spare and almost immediately after I walked in a couple of the other mom's assured me that as soon as I'd left he'd been fine. Of course.
The kids marched in to the traditional pomp and circumstance (Harper was smiling like nothing had ever happened) and took their seats up front without incident. There were a couple very short speeches (the president of our school wrote the sweetest poem for them!) and then the kids sang us some of their favorite songs from the year. After the songs they were handed their "diplomas" and we were given a second to get a picture of our grad with his/her teacher and that was that. The school provided a nice cake for the occasion and we parents supplied the other finger foods and desserts. It was a really nice little ceremony and I'm sure glad Harper was able to get it together and sing the songs, because it really was the best part!
And, with that, preschool is officially over for my little guy.


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