Sunday, June 7, 2015

Art Fest Annapolis

Every first Sunday of the month, Annapolis holds an art fest. Tony reminded me of it yesterday and I knew the weather was going to be nice so I thought we should all go. 

There are several local craft people out selling their goodies and you just never know what you might find. I saw some of the coolest stuff...and I got some pictures...

These were mosaics created from glass that a guy had leftover in his basement from his old job of making stained glass windows for peoples homes! What a job, right? He said he traveled to Italy and learned all about glass making and when he got home he had an epiphany and thought what better way to use his left over glass than to make gorgeous mosaics! I only got this one picture from his stall, but everything in there was gorgeous.

The rugs in the picture below are all woven from recycled plastics. Pretty neat, huh?

This was just one of those awesome things I saw and thought I could duplicate. Wood, paint, sea stars...

This also looks like it could be reproduced pretty easily, and I just love how it looks!

I loved these wreaths the last time I saw them but they are quite pricey. They're made from sea glass found on our beaches. 

I really loved this artwork. The lady who made it told me all about how she created it. She used an old screwdriver for the butterfly body and the wings she drew then cut out. The flowers were made using an old window screen and beautiful and unique! I'd love to try making something like this!

I asked Dakota which piece she liked and she picked the one below. She said she was the little girl and I was the mommy in the picture. I love how the footprints are hearts in the sand. I wish I'd bought it now. 

I thought these ocean life silhouettes were awesome. The dark silhouette is just mounted to light paper and then little shells, seaweed and related drawings fill in the surrounding paper. It's a simple concept but they are really neat! 

After lots of walking and browsing the kids started asking about lunch so we headed over to Chick & Ruths Delly.  It wasn't as good this time as the last and next time we're downtown we're definitely trying a Mexican place that we walked by because the food looked AMAZING! 


Tony said...

I guess we are going back on July 5th to get that painting Dakota picked out and try the Mexican restaurant.

Angela V. said...

Sounds like a great idea!

Water Balloons

When my kids told me they didn't know what to do with themselves yesterday I suggested they go outside and play with the water balloons....