Monday, June 8, 2015

Jaron's Big Day

When Zoe graduated high school I decided then and there that I wasn't going to miss my nephews graduation. I missed my sisters college graduation, my brothers high school graduation as well as Kiersten's high school & college graduation. I've regretted missing those important moments and I was not about to miss Jaron's big day! I knew I'd probably have to go alone and I was prepared to do that if I had to, and it ended up being exactly what happened. (Landon's still in school, Zoe and Tony had work and I didn't think the little kids would enjoy such a quick trip centered around a boring albeit important event.)

I flew out of BWI on a Sunday evening. Tony dropped me off at the airport around 3:30 pm for a 5:40 pm flight because the kids were going crazy and I was super nervous about leaving them. The first thing I looked at upon entering the airport was the flight status board and I was surprised to see that my flight had been two hours. I wanted to call Tony and tell him to come back and get me, but after having to walk away from my crying baby girl, I couldn't. So, I sucked it up and went about my business. I filled the time reading The Maze Runner, had some dinner and then read a little more until we were finally able to board the plane. Once we were all seated we were told we were going to sit for another 10 minutes or so while maintenance did some work...that 10 minutes turned into 40 minutes and we were all getting a bit antsy. Finally, we began taxiing down the runway, but as we got close to taking off, the stewardess got back on the intercom and said that the control center said we'd have to wait another 12 minutes (give or take) until we could take off. Grrr!

I finally arrived at Charlotte, NC airport around 9:45 pm or so. My mom and sister were able to find me pretty easily and then we were off to their house...but not until after we'd stopped to grab a bite to eat at Zaxby's! :)

We didn't have any exact plans for while I was there except to attend the graduation, of course, so my mom and I just made up the day as we went along. Monday we met LaTisha and Jaron for a little shopping and lunch and then we headed to our favorite shopping spot, Carolina Pottery. That evening we went to a Mexican restaurant that's near their house (San Jose) and then called it a night.

Tuesday we were up bright and early to go to Jaron's 8am ceremony. We were supposed to be there an hour early which meant a very early rise and shine for all of us. We left the house around 6:40 am and arrived at the stadium a little after 7. The ceremony only lasted about an hour and it was really nice. Nearly all the speakers were graduates and there was one boy who sang (HE WAS AWESOME) and a girl who played an Alicia Keys song on the piano. Then, all 200+ names were called and the thing was done. Poor Tisha sniffed her way through the whole ordeal, but I know she was incredibly proud of her boy...we all are.



We parted ways for the afternoon but all met up again that evening for dinner at The Melting Pot, Jaron's choice. It was a really nice dinner and we had a good time chatting and eating.

My flight home was originally scheduled to leave at 7:10 am. I don't know what the hell I was thinking when I booked that flight, but Tuesday night we got online and changed it to the flight leaving later that evening. My new flight time was 7:40 pm arriving at BWI around 9 something...but, as luck would have it, my flight was delayed. It was only delayed by half an hour this time, but I was feeling pretty anxious to get home.

It was a quick trip but I'm still very happy that I was able to go. I know my two little kids wouldn't have enjoyed the trip since all we did was run around so I'm glad they didn't have to go...but I sure did miss them!

That wraps up the graduations for this year. Next year Lauren graduated high school and after that it'll be 3 years until Landon graduates. I can't even begin to imagine how much will change between now and then, so I won't. I'm just going to take these days one at a time and enjoy them as much as possible.

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