Friday, July 3, 2015

Allen’s Pond Park

Tony and I were awarded a rare treat this morning when the kids both decided to sleep in past 8am. We could hardly believe it when Dakota came in our room and it was already 8:15! Sleeping in late was great and it was extra great because we didn’t have anything important to do for the entire day…except pick up Landon at the airport at 7pm.


So, after playing with the kids for awhile in the morning, we decided to head out for some lunch and a little play time at a (new to us) park. We had lunch at Uno’s and then headed to Allen’s Pond Park in Bowie. Lots of people had told me how nice Allen’s Pond was but since we don’t live in that area we’d never been. (Bowie is a bit of a hike for us, about 25-30 minutes because traffic sucks over there!)


Opportunity Park




There was so much to do! There were all sorts of climbing apparatus’ and slides and swings. There was an area dedicated to the 5-12 year old crowd as well as a section for the younger 2-5 kids. It seemed like there was lots of newer equipment mixed with some older pieces…like maybe these stone turtles had been there awhile?



I don’t know if it was older, but it seemed like it could be.

The biggest structures definitely seemed new, and I just loved the way it was all presented. For instance, there were these really cute “trees” the kids could climb:


Those trees were definitely a challenge for Dakota but Harper didn’t seem to have any trouble.

As I looked around I noticed that in the distance, there was another playground area. I pointed it out to Harper and off we went.


This play area seemed like it was made for the really little kids, new walkers and such. There was a little train, a few bouncy animals and then a climbing/play structure meant for the youngest of kids…my two weren’t impressed and we weren’t there but 5 minutes before heading back to the first area.


Harper tried out the dragonfly see-saw and then played some instruments for me:



Dakota really liked the little play house.


It was a great playground and I know my kids will be asking to go back. I loved that they had plenty of things to play on and restrooms right there at the park (I HATE going to a playground with no bathroom!).

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