Saturday, July 4, 2015

Dakota's Tea Party

Birthday parties are a lot of work. After days of planning and worrying the whole thing is done within a couple hours. I'm happy with how everything turned out and Dakota seemed to really enjoy herself, so all the work was worth it.

Dakota was the first one up this morning (nothing unusual there) and when she saw her presents downstairs on the table she looked at me and said "my presents are here"! She rushed downstairs to take a look at them and then peeked into the living room and asked me where the tree was...I guess she thought it was Christmas! (I was still just waking up which is why it takes me a minute to figure out why she was looking for a tree in the living room!)

I didn't do too much in the way of decorating. Added some tulle to the birthday girls seat and picked up some fabric to cover the table. Both fabrics were on sale and both made quite an impact!

Daddy and his baby.

She knew exactly how to drink her tea. I recorded her on the sly so she wouldn't give me any of her "faces". 

Peanut butter and jelly heart sandwiches. 

Harps was such a sweetheart. He told me that the sandwiches were cool and that he liked the sparkly table. He was a great sport about everything and was never jealous of his baby sister. 

Landon looked handsome all dressed up for the party!  

Tony poured the tea when Dakota decided she didn't want to do it. She didn't want everyone looking at her, even though it was just her family! 

She was thoroughly enjoying the attention at the table!

Dakota's beautiful sister, Zoe. I thanked Zoe for coming and she said she couldn't believe I thought she wouldn't come. I told her it wasn't that I didn't think she would but that not every 20 year old cares to go to their little sister's birthday party. It's something I love very much about Zoe, her dedication to her siblings and family. 

Brandon was here too, and he even wore his best purple shirt for the occasion!

Mema wouldn't miss the kids' birthday parties for anything. She's always here for us and we appreciate her so much!

I told Dakota we were going to sing her happy birthday and she said she wanted to sing it too. You can't really hear her in the video over our terrible singing, but when we'd say happy birthday to "you" she'd say "Dakota".

Dakota and Harper were so excited to finally open gifts! Dakota didn't mind at all when Harper jumped in to help and they both tore through those gifts like nobody's business!

Lanny wearing Dakota's new boa.

Dakota's been riding around the house on her little tricycle forever now and we thought it might be time for her to get a bike a little more her size. We picked a Frozen themed bike because she just loved Anna and Elsa! It's going to take her a little bit of practice to ride this new bike, but I know she'll be zipping around her on that thing in no time!

That pretty much does it for the big THREE year old birthday party. Tonight we'll celebrate the 4th of July and then we'll be celebrating Landon turning 14. Where is the time going?

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