Friday, July 10, 2015

July 4th 2015

I meant to write a little about our 4th of July days ago, but life got busy and I forgot...

Tony and I thought maybe we'd head down to the Inner Harbor this year, but then we realized how dumb that'd be. The weather wasn't really cooperative that day and it rained off and on so that was good enough reason to stay home. On July 3rd we stopped at one of the fireworks stands and picked up our loot.

I picked up a few specific things for Harper and Dakota to enjoy; extra large sparklers, snakes, glow worms and poppers. Dakota wouldn't touch any of it. She absolutely hated most of it. The little pop's that you throw on the ground made her run into the house. When we lit a sparkler she nearly climbed up my body to get away. She did watch the snakes and worms "grow" but that was it. Everything else terrified her. 

Zoe and Brandon came up in the morning for Dakota's birthday party but Zoe had to leave in the late afternoon for work. Brandon didn't have anything going on that night though so he stayed at the house with us to blow things up.

This is pretty much what Dakota looked like the entire time they were lighting fireworks. It wasn't long after this that she told me she was done and wanted to go to bed. I figured it wasn't worth it to try to make her stay up and watch, so I brought her in and put her to bed. Despite the loud fireworks right outside her window, she was asleep in seconds.

Harper couldn't wait to get things rolling. He was so excited! He helped Tony unpack the boxes (we didn't buy much this year, thanks to me, haha!) and was even brave enough to hold one of the sparklers. I saw the cup idea on Pinterest and thought it would help quell his fears about holding a sparkler and I was right...but he still managed to burn himself when the thing went out and he tossed it on the ground then went to pick it back up...poor guy. (And, yes, I realize his shorts are wonky but he dressed himself in a hurry after his bath because he could NOT wait to get outside!)

Once it finally got dark we all headed down to the street to light our fireworks. Harper and I sat in a chair at the end of the driveway and watched as Tony, Landon and Brandon put on our annual show. Our neighbors across the street also had some fireworks and even shot off a few bottle rockets. Some people in the neighborhood behind ours had the real stuff (big illegal ones) and we were able to see them from our driveway, so that was cool. We finished up a little before ten and that wrapped up our 4th for this year. I imagine one of these years we'll go to a professional show, but for now my family is perfectly happy to stay home and light our own.

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