Thursday, July 9, 2015

Landon's Jump Party

Last night we all went out to celebrate Landon's 14th birthday. We were going to celebrate on Friday, his actual birthday, but Zoe and Brandon wouldn't have been able to make it, so we settled on Wednesday night instead. Landon's been dying to go back to Sky Zone so that's where we went.

There were ten of us all together: Landon, three of his friends (Tyler, Alyssa and Steven), myself, Tony, Harper, Dakota, Zoe and Brandon. Everyone seemed to have a really good time (except Dakota who wasn't thrilled with so many people "looking" at her) and I think the biggest hit was dodge ball. For the most part that's what they did. It was fun to watch them and there was some tough competition! I got several video's to share since taking clear/non-blurry pictures in that place is near impossible.

The first one is Harper jumping into the foam pit which he did at least two dozen times:

This one is everyone showing their basketball skills:

Dakota has been having a really tough time doing anything that is outside of her comfort zone. She wanted to jump so badly at SkyZone but when she saw the referee's (or whatever they're called) watching everyone jump, she refused. This very short video is the only time she jumped and was right before she noticed the ref watching everyone.

Landon and friends jumping in the foam pit:

This video is of Zoe, Tony, Brandon and Harper jumping around:

This last video is my favorite. I was recording everyone playing dodge ball and explaining to Dakota what was going on when Landon took a direct hit to the was so funny! The way he drops just cracked me up! He wasn't hurt at all and got up laughing, thankfully! You have to keep your eye on that far right corner once you see my camera move to Landon...

After an hour and a half jump time we jumped in our cars and headed to Three Brothers for pizza. Traffic was AWFUL and dinner was quite late for us...and as we were just about to head home, one of Landon's friends realized he'd forgotten his cell at Sky Zone! So, after Zoe called and confirmed that they had it, Tony and the older kids all drove back to get it. Gah!

Landon's friends all came over and played basketball for a bit before coming inside to show off for one another...and around 10pm Landon came up to ask if the boys could just spend the night. I'm really not into sleepovers but I allowed them to this time...and I'm pretty sure none of them ever slept.

All in all the party was a success and we had a good time. Tomorrow we'll take him our for dinner at a place of his choosing (I suspect we'll be going to Genghis Gill) and then we'll come home for some cake. As of yet, I haven't gotten him a birthday present because I just don't have any idea what to get him...looks like a little shopping might be in our future too!

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