Saturday, July 11, 2015

Learning to Ride a Big Girl Bike

Dakota, more than any other child I've had, loves to ride her bike. We've always let her ride her tricycle and scooter around the house when we can't get outside and it's something she just loves. I noticed she was getting a little big for her tricycle one day when she asked to ride it down to the park. So, for her birthday, Tony and I got her a new bike.

There were lots of bikes to choose from but we went with this Disney Frozen bike because she loves her some Anna and Elsa! In addition to the bike I wanted to make sure she had a seat for her baby to ride along with her, so I ordered this one from Amazon.

She practiced a bit the day she got it but didn't really get the hang of it until the afternoon that I let her ride it all the way down to the pool. A combination of going downhill and tons of help got us down to the pool and she's been confident on it since. Go, Kota go!

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