Monday, August 24, 2015

Freshman, Baby!

It’s 8:25pm and Landon is so tired that he can’t even play his video game. He’s headed upstairs right now to get a shower and then he’s going to bed…that’s what the first day of high school does to you I guess.

He said he set his alarm this morning but I still found myself waking him up at 6am. I don’t know what happened to the alarm but he’s gonna have to get that crap worked out because I’m not always terribly reliable about getting up that early in the morning.

I did get up with him this morning though because I wanted to make sure he had what he needed for school this first day. He said all he needed was a pencil, but he ended up carrying his back pack because he needed his running shoes for cross country practice after school.


He was nice enough to let me get my annual first day of school pic which I was happy about. Winking smile

He said his first day went well and that he thought he was really going to like his history teacher…we’ll see how that turns out. Here’s his schedule as of now:

  • History of the US
  • Walking Wellness
  • Science of Nutrition
  • Biology
  • Algebra
  • English
  • American Sign Language
  • Student Seminar

He’s going to see if he can get out of the walking wellness class tomorrow. He really wants a gym class and how he got into walking wellness we’ll never know…but there’s only 2 other kids in the class besides him and that’s kind of strange considering the 2000+ kids in his school!

Please keep your fingers crossed for a good freshman year for my kiddo! I’m hoping for an awesome high school experience…something better than middle school at least!

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