Monday, August 24, 2015

Vacation 2015, Day 3

Our second day on the ship was a full day at sea. There are ton’s of things to do on that big ol’ ship but I’m prone to motion sickness so I spent too much of that day feeling drowsy from the med’s I took. It was hard to coordinate with everyone else too because of the lack of cell service which meant no texting. (It’s very strange to be so disconnected!)

We all ended up finding each other on the pool deck just before lunch time.






Then we all headed to the Windjammer for lunch.






After lunch there was the men’s belly flop competition. Apparently everyone on the boat wanted to watch this silliness and by the time we got out to the pool deck the only way we could really see was on the big TV.


I did get one okayish shot though…


That guy didn’t win though, he was too dang skinny.

My brother, Zoe and Landon found a bit better viewing point on the upper deck:


We all kept busy the rest of the day doing different things. Tony and I took the kids to the arcade and we did a little more exploring what there was to do on the boat. Before dinner I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer so I took another mid day nap while the kids took a break with their iPad’s.

Then, it was formal night in the dining room, so we all got ready for that.






Once everyone was done getting dressed we went downstairs to get in line for formal pictures on the stairs. The line wasn’t moving very fast and Dakota asked me to dance, so we hit the dance floor.


And then there were more pictures…







I’ll post our formal professional pictures in the next vacation post, there are many.

Dinner that night was wonderful and if was fun to get dressed up for a bit. My kids, all of them, really enjoy getting dressed up. Harper insisted on wearing his tie on the outside of his vest. Dakota insisted on putting her shoes on by herself and she must have twirled her skirt a dozen times. Landon chose his shirts and ties before we left and even got to wear a set of cuff links one night. Zoe has always loved dressing up for a night out…for as long as I can remember.

After dinner we all went to the show. It was singing and dancing and despite Dakota being painfully tired, she sat up and watched the entire thing. As soon as it was over, we headed to our room for the night. When we got to our room we found a towel creature on our bed and the two kiddo’s were thrilled!



They zonked out in no time that night and it was a good thing because when we woke up the next day we were in Labadee, Haiti!

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