Friday, August 21, 2015

It’s Almost Time…


School is just around the corner and we are doing our best to get excited about it. Yesterday Harper’s school invited everyone to come and see their classrooms and meet their teachers. They opened the doors between 1 and 2pm and man was that place a madhouse!

Harper was pretty nervous and wanted to be sure I wasn’t going to leave him and that I’d hold his hand the entire time we were there. He’s been asking me a lot lately what I would do if I lost him…I guess he is a bit fearful of all the new things coming up for him. (He’s not the only one!)

We entered the school with a huge mob of people and slowly made our way down to the Kindergarten wing. We found his classroom easy enough and when we walked in there were only a few other people in the room. The teacher had created a little search and find activity for the kids to do while they explored the room. The worksheet they were given had pictures of things like “trashcan” or “locker” or “class library” on it and there was little happy face next to each picture. Once they found the item there were to color in the happy face next to it. Harper absolutely loved it and was very eager to find everything on his list.



Once we’d found everything on the list he checked the room out a little more and then hopped from square to square on the colored rug in the room. (Any time we see one of those rugs he HAS to jump on it!)


The teacher did her best to introduce herself to him but he was shy and wanted to hide behind me for the most part. I think it’s going to be a great year and a fun class but it’s also going to be a huge adjustment for all of us.

Fingers crossed that this is a smooth transition for him (and me)!

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