Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Six Flags

My friend Lisa told me that this was the last week Six Flags was open during the week so we immediately made a plan to head there with the kids. We chose today as it was the only day this week that both of us were available, and boy did we have a good time!
We got to the park around 10:30am, right when they opened so that we could go to the little kid rides before hitting the water park. Lisa and her two were there a little before us so we caught up with them just as they were getting on the mini teacups. (Harper jumped on but Dakota stuck with me. She just wasn’t feeling it today I guess.)
They took a ride on the little train and then we all went into the Prop Warehouse to shoot balls at each other. The kids LOVE going in there, I just wish it was a little nicer/cleaner.
When poor Wyatt had had enough of the noise in the warehouse (he sat next to his momma with his hands over his ears the entire time we were in there, poor guy) we headed over to Sylvester’s Pounce and Bounce. Colin rode it the first time by himself as we had to make a pit stop in the restroom, but to my surprise, Harper jumped on with him when we got back.
Next up was the Great Race where Dakota and Harper each took a turn driving an antique car. They were in heaven driving those little cars around the tracks! They just thought that was THE coolest thing ever!
Once they’d both had their turns driving we walked over to the Carousel. Harper chose an ostrich and Dakota chose a horse.
By the time we got off the carousel it was just about noon so we grabbed a pizza and some lemonade for lunch. On our way to the water park we spotted Bugs Bunny and bribed the two older boys with promises of ice cream if they’d just let us take one good group picture…it worked.
We couldn’t believe how empty the water park was. Such a change from the last time we were there!
And, here they are enjoying that ice cream we promised:
The kids were pretty wiped out when we left the park (it was about 2:30pm) and my two were nearly silent the entire ride home. We hadn’t even gotten 5 minutes away though before Dakota was asking if we could go back! She told me she’d had so much fun she didn’t want to go home!
I wish school wasn’t starting yet, but alas, it is. I’m so glad we’ve been able to have so much fun with these adorable kids and their sweet mama this summer!

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