Saturday, August 15, 2015

National Building Museum, Washington D.C.

"The family that plays together stays together." If that saying is true I don't think we'll ever have to worry about not staying together! 

A friend of mine posted about a recent trip they'd made to "The Beach" and when I saw her cute picture I knew I wanted to go with my family. I'm so glad we did!

"The Beach" is a HUGE ball pit in the middle of the National Building Museum. This building is dedicated to all things architecture and I'll admit that it isn't something I ever would have dreamed of visiting if there weren't something this cool going on inside.

Tickets to this event were not cheap and since I saw that there were other neat exhibits besides this one we went ahead and bought an annual membership. (It was only slightly more expensive.) There was a LONG line in order to get into the "water" but despite the signs saying it would be upwards of an hour wait, we were in in about 20 minutes.

Harper and Dakota were a little apprehensive at first but the rest of us were ready to jump right in! It was a good thing they didn't just jump right in too because you could seriously get lost in there. As we'd be moving around someone would just kind of pop up out of really had to be careful!

We had such a great time playing together. The kids enjoyed jumping in and of course throwing the balls at us and one another. 


When we'd all had our fill we went outside and bought hot dogs, chips and water from a vendor that was right outside the door. We ate beneath the shade of some gorgeous trees and then headed back inside for our time in the Building Zone. (You are required to reserve a time to build and each session tends to sell out. The sessions are 45 minutes long and we felt like that was plenty of time.)

There were many different kinds of building materials and we all had a good time playing in the Building Zone. Dakota's favorite was the play house while Landon and Harper enjoyed making the ball track on the wall.

We may have stayed a little longer to look at other parts of the museum if we'd been able but we'd already committed to having dinner at Mema's house.

Now that we have an annual pass I guess we'll have to go back down there sometime!

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