Saturday, August 15, 2015

Harper’s 5th Birthday Continued…

After the pool party we went home to open gifts. I really hate sitting through parties where the birthday kid opens gift after gift while the other kids have to sit and watch; it just seems so wrong. So, we opted to have Harper open his gifts at home. Harper was kind enough to let his baby sister help and she was happy to oblige!



When Mema and I went shopping for birthday gifts for Harper, Dakota found something she wanted so Mema was nice and got her a little something to open of her own. Dakota was SO happy!






Harper got some really great presents and I felt like everyone was right on the money about what he’d like. He couldn’t wait to rip through each present and as soon as all the paper was off he wanted every box opened.


We saved his big gift for last, the bike. I had a feeling he wouldn’t be too excited about it and I was right. He’s not a bicycle lover. I think he’s a bit scared and his first bike was so difficult for him that he’s become very apprehensive about the whole bike riding thing. But, Tony and I decided we’d get him a new bike that may be a bit easier for him to learn on and I plan to spend some time in the next few weeks getting him used to riding. I’m hoping that with a little work he’ll come to love riding.

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