Thursday, August 27, 2015

People Mix

Tony and I have always taken turns putting the two little kids to bed at night. Right now they’re still bathing together and then he takes one and I take the other for teeth brushing and book reading, alternating nights.

Dakota fusses every time it’s ‘'dada night”. She ALWAYS wants it to be momma night but I feel like it’s important that we continue to switch nights so that each kid gets a little one on one with each of us.

Tonight, as Tony was getting her out of the bath, she asked who’s night it was for her. When he told her it was his night she started crying and carrying on like she does every night. It doesn’t matter what we say, she goes on and on and cries until he finally just takes her in her room and closes the door…and then she immediately stops and gives up the fight. She’s always happy when he reads to her too so I don’t know why she has to make it such a hassle every night.

But, tonight, she tried coming up with a solution and said she wanted to have a “momma and dada night”. Tony said you want me and mommy tonight and she said “yeah, I want a people mix”.

That girl is brilliant! And funny, too! She didn’t get her “people mix” as I wanted to spend some time with Harps but I have to give her some credit for coming up with such an awesome solution and a fun play on words!

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