Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Day He Turned 5

The day Harper actually turned 5 we took him to Chuck E.Cheese for a few hours. He’d been asking to go for quite awhile and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to make the little guy happy.
We bought some pizza and a zillion coins and he was the happiest little five year old boy in the joint.

After spending all of our coins and cashing in our 1000 tickets for some AWESOME prizes (nerds, a purple bracelet, a couple whistles, a few tiny dino’s etc.) Harper asked if we could stop at Dunkin Donuts for ice cream…and, of course, we did.

When Landon ordered his ice cream he said it in a funny way and we were all laughing about it. At the table Landon couldn’t quit giggling about how silly he’d sounded and I recorded him saying it the way he’d said it to the ice cream guy:

Chuck E. Cheese is definitely not my favorite place but it sure made my little guy happy! Happy Birthday to the best 5 year old boy I know!

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