Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Harper’s Family Book

After his first day of school, Harper came home wanting to draw. He sat at the table and drew each of his family members…it was so darn cute that I told him we should staple it all together to make a book. He thought that was a great idea so as soon as he finished, we stapled it up and I took some pictures.

He did all the writing, I just spelled everything out for him.


I’m not sure why he wrote his name right to left but look at that hairdo!


I love the expression on Dakota’s face.


This must be my “I just woke up” look.


And this is Landon’s “I ate too much candy” face.


Here’s dad!


And, Zoe. He wouldn’t put her in until she showed up asking where her picture was! When she asked he finally relented.


He didn’t want to add Brandon at first either, but the pressure was on when he showed up and didn’t see his portrait.


When I went to back to school night at his school last night I found what I think started this whole thing:


He looks a little mischievous, doesn’t he?

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