Sunday, September 13, 2015

Madonna, Rebel Heart

Madonna has been a part of my life for so many years that it only seems natural that I’d finally get to see her in concert. I can remember a time, maybe 4th grade or so, that Madonna was the only thing I cared to listen to. I lived in California at the time and I can still remember trying to figure out each word to each song on my brand new tape. I remember my mom wasn’t too thrilled with me singing “Like a Virgin” at the top of my lungs, and I, being all of 9 years old had no idea what that song was talking about, but man did I just love that song.

Last night a couple of my friends from high school and I went to the Madonna concert in D.C. We’d been talking about it for several months and when the tickets went on sale we decided to go for it…and I’m so glad we did!

We all met up at Missy’s house, who lives in Alexandria, a little after 3pm. We hung out at her house for awhile and then went to Macaroni Grill for some dinner before heading downtown for the show. The “opening act” began at 8pm and I was quite disappointed that it was just a DJ. I thought Madonna would have an amazing opening act but I was wrong! Oh well.

When Madonna came out on stage it was just after 9:30pm and I’ll tell you what, it was apparent right from that moment that her show was going to be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. The dancers, costumes, lights, sound, songs and effects were so, so great, but Madonna herself is just untouchable. There could have been nothing but her and her guitar and we’d have all sat there listening like our lives depended on it. She is just that good. And yes, I realize she’s been around for a long time, but she is anything but washed up or old news. She is as relevant to today’s music as she was in the 80’s and she can dance like nobody’s business. It’s quite inspiring actually.

Our seats were up in the nosebleed section, but we ended up being able to see everything just fine. I was only jealous when I watched her take off the jacket she’d been wearing and toss it into the crowd. Broken heart

I don’t know that this is the exact set list from last night’s show, but it’s close if it isn’t. (I found this online and just copied it here.)

Bitch I’m Madonna
Burning Up
Holy Water
Vogue (in medley with the previous song)
Devil Pray
Messiah (video interlude)
Body Shop
True Blue
Deeper and Deeper
Love Don’t Live Here Anymore (Rose Royce cover) (in medley with the previous song)
Like a Virgin
S.E.X. (video interlude; with… more )
Living for Love (Offer Nissim Living For Drums remix)
La Isla Bonita
Dress You Up (with snippets of ”Into the… more )
Who’s That Girl (acoustic)
Rebel Heart
Illuminati (video interlude)
Music (with “Give It 2 Me” sample)
Candy Shop
Material Girl
La vie en rose (Édith Piaf cover)
Unapologetic Bitch

My favorites of the night were: Bitch I’m Madonna, Vogue, Body Shop, Love Don’t Live Here Anymore, Like a Virgin (of course!), S.E.X., La Isla Bonita, Dress You Up, Who’s That Girl, Material Girl,  and Holiday. My VERY most favorite of the night though was absolutely True Blue. I went to sleep singing that song last night and woke up with it still on my mind. Red heart

I loved the times when she played the guitar too and until last night had no idea that she could play the way she does. Singing, playing guitar and dancing like it’s her job. Oh…wait…

I have a couple video’s to share but remember how impossibly far away I was because they aren’t that great:

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