Monday, September 14, 2015

Seafood Festival 2015

Yesterday we spent our morning and a good part of the afternoon at Sandy Point for the annual Maryland Seafood Festival. It was a gorgeous day and I’m not sure if it was ever above 70 degrees!

It was extra nice this year too because we were all able to make it. Mema wanted to come again this year (she went with us for the first time last year) and Zoe and Brandon were able to make it as well. It was nice that we all got to be together for the day.

The main reason Landon wanted to go was so he could get some Chipstix! Zoe also bought one this year…she loved it!

Harper and Dakota enjoyed fresh squeezed lemonade, corn dogs and chicken strips for lunch while Tony, Mema and I had crab cake sandwiches. Zoe tried the Bang, Bang Shrimp Tacos (she didn’t like it at all) and Brandon tried Crab Quesadilla’s (he didn’t like his either).

I know it looks like Dakota has a pool of ketchup under her corn dog and she does, but it’s because it was the only place we had to put it for her and Harper to share! They love their ketchup!

Tony saw the Soda City mugs and had to get one for this year. He and Landon love trying all the different soda’s and if you buy the mug you get free refills for the day. The mug was only $13 so it’s not too bad. I think all their soda’s are disgusting because none of them are Dr. Pepper, but what do I know?

When lunch was over Dakota and I went to find the mini donut truck…we found it and man were those little donuts delicious! At $5 for 10 mini donuts it was a steal! Winking smile I got ten glazed and Mema bought 10 chocolate glazed…they lasted about 4 seconds.

Harper tried the donuts but he isn’t a donut lover so he spit them out. We don’t always understand his choices, but he found something he liked on the Kona Ice truck:

Dakota, on the other hand, loves donuts, but she didn’t want to be left out, so she got one too. Stinker.

There are always some really cool things for sale at all the different tents. I love browsing through all the locally made stuff and there are some really cool things out there. I may have posted this guys stuff before but it really is quite amazing:

I found this at another tent and thought it was pretty funny:

These shark replica’s were really neat too. If we had a pool, I’d want these around as decoration!

“Mama, come take a picture of me in this boat”:

We had a great day and we headed home around 3pm. We had to take a bus from the festival over to the community college where we parked, and Dakota was just thrilled that she got to ride a school bus like Harper! Everyone else looked like they were having fun too! Smile

Video’s from the day:

*Harper must have ended up going down that giant slide about 100 times, at least. He loved it so much!

Dakota rode this spinning ride by herself twice consecutively! Then, later on in the afternoon, Harper decided to join her.

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