Sunday, January 24, 2016

29 Inches!

Now that blizzard Jonas has finally passed we are all a bit relieved. We'd been texted/called and emailed numerous times letting us know the dangers of the storm and what precautions we needed to take and I was a bit tired of hearing about it. This storm was major and is now the biggest one ever recorded in our area at 29.2 inches. That's a hell of a lot of snow. It's all of this winter and the next few winters rolled into one whopping storm. 30 inches of snow is no joke.

Tony did the majority of the shoveling and for that I am absolutely thankful. I did shovel off a portion of the deck so that the dog could get out and a little bit of our front walk and that snow was HEAVY! Tony heard somewhere that it was about 20 pounds per shovel full, so when you do it about 10 times, it's quite a workout. Tony and Landon did hours worth of shoveling so they won't need to exercise any time soon.

Dakota is still sick, running a fever and mostly feeling terrible, but she did have about an hour where she felt good enough and wanted to go outside. She didn't last but about 15 minutes out there but she loved it while it lasted. The first thing she did when she got outside was throw herself down on her back to make a snow angel. She's been talking about doing that for what seems like forever now.

Harper enjoyed the snow much more today since it wasn't blowing in his face. Yesterday was terribly windy and I was surprised he went out at all, but he wasn't out long before he was annoyed with the wind and snow in his eyes.

He found a sheet of ice and he just had to get a taste.

After playing in the snow Dakota came in, took off her snow gear and climbed on the couch. She wasn't feeling good again and immediately started to fall asleep. I took her upstairs and gave her some medicine and she was out in only a matter of minutes, poor thing. After having some lunch, Harper and I walked down to the neighborhood playground to try to sled. I was surprised that there weren't kids down there already but there was a little bit of a snow path so he gave it a try. It really wasn't much of a hill at all but he enjoyed himself nonetheless. We were only down there a few minutes when a couple of friends of his showed up to sled with him and then it was much more fun!

I really hope Dakota is feeling a little better tomorrow so that I can take her to do some sledding. I know she'd just love it. (We'll probably be making our way to the doctor with her tomorrow though so long as we can get out of the neighborhood.)

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