Monday, January 25, 2016

My Sick Little Kota

After several days at home Tony, Dakota and I made our way out of the neighborhood for her doctor appointment. I decided a couple days ago that as soon as we were able to go we would and today was finally the day. I wasn't able to take her to her regular doctor because their offices were still closed due to the storm so we had to go to Righttime Medical. I had a feeling we'd be in for a long wait and I was absolutely correct on that assumption. Our appointment time was 1:30 pm and we were called into a room an hour later. Tony and I weren't too happy, but it was a mad house there for those working and they only had one doctor there when we arrived. (Two more doctors showed up while we were waiting so things started moving a little quicker, or that's what they told us anyhow.) 

The nurse came in and took Dakota's vitals and she was running a 101 fever at the time. The nurse figured she'd go ahead and do a flu test and a strep test just to see if any of that came back positive. I had no idea what a flu test entailed but she said she had to get that up the nose...I thought just a little swab up the nose but yikes, it went way up my poor girls nose. Poor Dakota cried and said it had hurt and I felt so awful. I had no idea it was going to be like that. It wasn't so bad getting the strep swab on the back of her throat although she wasn't happy about that either

The doctor came in and did her routine checks and confirmed that she had an ear infection in her left ear. She said she also had a perforation on her right ear drum and the strep test was positive. No flu though, thank goodness. So, my poor little baby has strep and an ear infection and lots of days of medicine ahead of her. She's got a yucky cough too and the doctor told me to use the nebulizer as needed. She wrote me a script for an inhaler also just in case we are out and she needs a treatment. 

It wasn't long after she'd had some Motrin and her first dose of amoxicillin that she started to return to her old self. She suddenly looked better and had tons of energy and was annoying the crap out of Harper. :) It was great to see that she was feeling better! 

While Tony and I went with Dakota to the doctor, Zoe and Landon stayed here with Harper. Zoe offered to keep him here and let him play in the snow while we were gone. It was so nice for Harper that he didn't have to go, he would have been bored out of his mind with the rest of us. Big sisters are so AWESOME! When we got home she and Landon were busy digging out an igloo and Harper was sledding and having the best time! Dakota wanted in on the fun so she ran in and got her stuff on and came outside to help Zoe build a snowman. It's teeny tiny, but very cute! 

Zoe wanted me to take a picture of her with her siblings but the only one who cooperated was Kota (who absolutely adores her big sister). The picture turned out so cute!

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