Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Harper's Work

Posting about Dakota's drawing's yesterday reminded me of some of the work Harper's brought home recently. There's been some good stuff coming home and I'm amazed by his progress. 

So the first one is a paper in which he had to read the color word and then color in the picture by it's corresponding number. There isn't anything particularly hard about this but if you had any idea how much he hated to color you'd see the significance of this paper. He loathes coloring and until recently would just scribble all over the place whether he was given direction or not, but as you can see, he did a pretty good job here. The colors are in the correct places and it isn't a big scribbled mess. He's making progress!

I love the next one even though he left out some key family members. (Landon gave him all kinds of crap for leaving him out and both Harper and Dakota immediately sat at the table to draw pictures that included him. Zoe doesn't know or I'm sure she'd let him have it too!) Dakota asked why she was the smallest and he said it was because she was the shortest person in our family. She informed him that she was certainly NOT the shortest and it evolved into a full fledged fight. I guess if she refuses to be the shortest then in her mind she isn't. I had to tell Harper to just let her think what she wanted even if he was right and he walked off mumbling about how she was the shortest and she should just be quiet. 

This, of course, is sweet, but I love how he dotted the i's and used an exclamation point! 

One of Harper's homework assignments last week was to choose and animal that is active in the winter, research it and write down two facts about that animal. I wrote "This homework is inappropriate for Kindergartners" and sent it back to school. I mean seriously, whose homework is this anyways? His or mine? If they are testing my winter animal knowledge then too bad, I'm not doing it. Tony did ask Harper to name an active winter animal  (he was able to name several) and then give two facts about it (which he was able to do) but I think that asking him to "research" it was a bit much. They did a research project at school on arctic animals though, and his penguin drawing is just adorbs! 

And finally, here are Harper's latest dinosaur drawings. First one is an ankylosaurus:

Second one is a stegosaurus:

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