Saturday, January 2, 2016

Saturday Stuff

Today was another busy day of running errands and getting things done. I always feel so ready to take on a million things at the beginning of each year it's just too bad the feeling doesn't last very long. I'm sure I'll fizzle out once the kids are back to school this coming week, but until then I'm kicking ass and taking names! :)

We had several returns to make from Christmas so that made for lots of quick stops. We hit Target, Toys R Us, Staples for returns and we also made a pit stop at the dump to drop off some old electronics. The two little kids were rock stars through it all so we treated them to lunch at one of their fave's, Noodles & Company.

I didn't want to push the kids any further after all the running around so I took everyone home before making a trip to Jared's to see about having my old wedding band re-sized. Originally the ring was a size 6 and I'm having them bump it up to a 7. I could probably get away with a 6 1/2 but I can't stand my ring to be even slightly tight so it'll be a little roomy at a 7. They said I also needed to get a new head clasp on the inside ring which is costing a pretty penny, but I'll be so happy to wear that ring again! I've been wanting to get this done for years and the day has finally come. I'll be getting the ring back on the 7th, I'll be sure to let you know how it all turns out.

Since we did so much running around today we didn't get a whole lot done in the house, but I'm hoping tomorrow will be productive as well. I've got curtain rods to hang as well as my scrapbook room towel bars (they aren't going to be for towels!) and I'm hoping Tony will finish the stand for my monitor. Once these projects are finished I'll be sure to post pictures. I'm still busy working on clearing out my scrapbook room too and it is a MESS. It feels good to get rid of all the extra clutter but my lord what a job!

We had dinner at Mema's house tonight and it was nice to relax over there for a short bit. The two little kids were excited to go over there and see her and Umpa. I think they just love going over there because it's their chance to rule the roost...they're completely spoiled over there, just like Zoe and Landon always were.

While we were waiting on dinner, we took some silly pictures:

*No pics of Harps because he was too busy chatting with Umpa.

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Leslie said...

Time to get back with the program. Yuck. Happy New year!!

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