Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Funnies

If nothing else, my kids sure keep me laughing. This week Harper was on a roll with the things that came out of his mouth...

  • On our way home from the bus stop Harper had something clutched in his fist. When I asked him what he had he told me he'd found a crystal. I asked him where he'd found it (it was actually a pebble) he told me at Ms. Shmissal. I'd never heard of this person and when I asked who she was he said she wasn't a person, I was very confused. When I asked what he meant he said "well, Ms. Shmissal is when we are getting ready to go home". I just about died laughing when I realized he'd meant that he'd found the "crystal" at dismissal! He and Dakota couldn't figure out what in the world I was laughing about! :)
  • On Thursday night we knew that we were going to be getting some snow so I told Harper that he may have a delay for school the next day. He said "Mrs. Braur will let us know because she's the school canceler". I had to explain that she wasn't the school canceler but the school counselor...
He's a funny little guy! He had quite a busy but fun week at school this week too because they were celebrating Dr. Seuss all week long. Each day they had a specific book that htye were to use as inspiration when they got dressed.

  • Monday was Green Eggs and Ham and they were to wear something green.
  • Tuesday was The Lorax and they were to wear a mustache. I forgot to go out and buy him one so at the last minute we used a marker and drew one on. He thought it was really cool! :)
  • Wednesday was The Cat in the Hat and they had to wear something with stripes. 
  • Thursday's book was Fox in Socks and he wore one striped sock and one orange sock.
  • Friday they were to wear a crazy hat or crazy hair to celebrate Thing One and Thing Two. I didn't have a crazy hat for him to wear so I grabbed some blue hair dye when I was at Target...

His hair is super dark brown so it wasn't the best color maybe but it was definitely blue! Dakota saw me taking pictures of Harper and she wanted to be in them too. Cutie pies.

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