Monday, February 29, 2016

Tot Rock

Dakota had her ENT appointment this morning. After a quick look the doctor determined that while her ears are full of fluid, they aren't infected. So, he wants to wait a month to see if they'll end up draining on their own. If they drain and her hearing returns to normal, we'll do nothing. If they don't drain they'll insert tubes to get that gunk out of there as well as clear up her hearing issues. He said the procedure for inserting the tubes was a quick out patient process. She'll have to go to sleep for about 10 minutes and then it'll be done. I'm nervous about the whole thing of course, but I feel better about her hearing after speaking with the doctor today. Now we just wait and see what happens. Our next appointment is March 28th.

After her appointment this morning I took her to Tot Rock at the skating rink. They allow kids 6 and under to bring in their skates/bikes/scooters whatever to ride around the skating rink. We've been before but it's been a long time so I thought she'd like to do something new. Some friends from school were there as well, so that made it more fun!

I couldn't believe how well Dakota did skating! She was a little nervous at first but I came up with a game where she would skate to a big inflated ball and hit it and that was all it took for her to really enjoy herself.

I love that they have these PVC pipe walkers for the kids to's sure better than her hanging onto to me the whole time! I think we'll be back next week because she sure had a lot of fun! I'm hoping her friend Ava will come next week, I know she'd just love that!

Once Harper got home from school we made sure to play outside and enjoy this lovely weather we're having. I don't want to waste these beautiful days inside!

I decided it was time for Harper to start practicing riding his bike again and he was none too thrilled with that idea. I promised him we'd only ride a little ways and come right back so he reluctantly got on his bike. (It's amazing how different he and Dakota are!) At first he screamed every time I let go but after a few minutes he relaxed and realized he wouldn't fall just because I let go. He barely moved the pedals and it took every ounce of patience I had to not push him ahead. I kept my cool though and he ended up doing well. I gave him the sole goal of keeping his bike in the middle of the sidewalk and that was enough to keep his mind from wandering into the terrifying abyss of scraped knees and bloody elbows.

But, he didn't like it at all. Poor guy. Guess we'll have to try again tomorrow.

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