Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring Break, Day 3

Day three began with the two little kids playing Pajaggle at the table. The only downfall to sleeping on the table at night is it has to be cleaned up immediately upon waking so people have somewhere to sit and eat breakfast...or play games. :) The kids didn't get up before 8 am every day we were away so it wasn't terribly early like at home when they're up by 6:30 am most mornings. Landon did his best to ignore us and sleep but there's only so much you can do in a small space so he was up most mornings before 10. He slept above the driver/passengers seats on a cot that lowered down from the ceiling.

This is where Tony slept for the week:

His bed was made by folding out the L-shaped couch. It was okay but one part of the bed is raised a bit higher than the other so it's kind of like sleeping on a small hill. He and I both slept there the first night while Harper and Dakota slept on the table area and we were mostly fine. He just rolled downhill on me every once in awhile. :) The second night Harper shared the couch with him and Dakota slept on the small L part at their feet. She fit perfectly there and ended up having that as her bed the rest of the time we were there. When my dad left Monday afternoon (he rented a car and drove to Kentucky for work) I asked my mom if Harper could sleep with her until my dad came back so that Tony could have the couch. She agreed and that was the best sleep solution for everyone (except maybe my mom who would've had the bed to herself).

I guess that's enough about our sleeping arrangements. Haha!

Tony, Dakota and I set off on a walk but it wasn't long before Dakota was tired. When Tony had heard enough whining about walking he and Dakota parted ways with Landon and I. Tony took Dakota to throw stuff in the nearby water while Landon and I kept going. He and I ended up following a sign towards an "observatory". We walked and walked but the deeper we got into the forest the more paranoid we's funny now, but some of the creaking and movement within the woods was a little disturbing. As we were walking we saw a huge deer come running out of the woods. It saw us and turned right back around and ran back where it came from. Not long after, maybe a minute or two we saw a black dog come running down the path opposite us. It wasn't barking or anything, it just looked lost. We tried to get it to come to us but it wouldn't. The dog was wearing a collar and looked okay, just lost. I sure hope whoever he belonged to found him.

Landon and I ended up ditching the walk to the observatory after seeing those animals. We were just a little freaked out by what else might come running out of the woods. We headed back down to the main trail and found the most awesome place...

On the walk back to the campsite Landon just had to try crossing the water again. 


And again. This time he made it though!

That night we played a few rounds of Uno while Meme made hamburgers for dinner. 

And Fancy just sat around waiting for my dad to get back. She is 100% his dog. :)

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