Sunday, March 27, 2016

Spring Break, Day 2

Day 2 started with a bunch of running up and down the hill that was directly located behind our camper. Harper was especially excited about that hill and spent a lot of time playing on or near it. He loved running up and down it, kicking a ball down and then back up it, as well as finding little treasures. The boy loves a good hill.

When Dakota got tired of watching Harper run up and down the hill she came in the camper to see what Meme and Papa were up to:

And then Meme took both kids on a little walk down the hill to the dumpsters and back. It was cold that morning so we didn't spend a ton of time outside, small doses were enough.

While we waited for the temps to rise the kids played some games while Mom and I colored. We ended up coloring a lot over the course of the week and it was a lot of fun!

My dad, Landon and Tony hiked up to the top of the mountain while we were keeping warm and I just loved getting this picture! They saw a raccoon while they were up there but not until after Fancy (their dog) saw it. Luckily nothing happened, but I think it gave them a bit of a scare!

It took them awhile to go up the mountain so Mom and I ended up putting coats on and taking the kids on a walk to the playground. It was cold out there but so beautiful! Just look at the blue sky in the next picture! Lovely!

On our way back to the camper we found a pretty photo opportunity by the water. Dakota was being a stinker about taking a picture with Harper and I but she changed her mind at the last minute and jumped in behind Harper and I. :)

When we got back to camp we used some twigs, grass and flowers to make animal homes. It didn't last very long and I think the idea of it was cooler than actually doing it...

When the animal home thing didn't work out I figured it was a good time for an Easter egg hunt. I bought some confetti filled eggs last year and forgot about them so when I saw them this year I thought they'd be perfect camping treat...

We spent some time warming up after the egg crushing and the pictures below are some of my very favorite from this trip. Dakota was snuggled up on Meme's lap and she asked her to tell her a story. My mom came up with some silly story and Dakota just loved every minute of it, as you can see.

Landon was wanting to go on a hike so he and I set off for awhile. We walked and talked and worried about bears together and it was awesome. It is so difficult to spend individual time with the kids and he's the toughest because of his age. He has his friends and interests and I'm just not his top priority...but, it was so great spending the time with him. I loved it.

When we got back to camp Landon got to work helping Tony chop wood for the fire.

And the two little kids were watching TV with Meme and Papa. We had dinner and then it was time for smores.

I was standing in the camper watching Landon play with Harper outside for the longest time. They played on the hill for awhile, making up different games that involved running up and down and then I noticed them sitting down in the pavilion talking. I decided to go see what they were doing and grab a picture or two since it isn't too often they spend that much time together. When I got down there Landon explained to me that they were playing an imaginary card game. It was funny because whatever "card" Landon played, Harper always had one better. It made Landon laugh knowing he could never win and made my heart full seeing them hang out together.

That evening was spent playing games (Pajaggle and Uno) and relaxing.

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