Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Wonderful Wednesday

After taking Harper to the bus Dakota asked if "Syndy" could come play. I agreed but told them we only had about an hour because Dakota's new session of Rolly Pollies started today. They pushed the baby stroller home together and then ran to take their jackets and shoes off to play. I went into the kitchen to do something, who know's what and the next thing I hear is screaming and Sydney yelling about an accident. 

I guess both girls were racing to get a balloon and Dakota somehow hit her mouth on the back of Sydney's head. Dakota had a huge fat lip and it was bleeding quite a bit so she was hysterical. Sydney was fine but when I couldn't settle Dakota down I decided I'd better send Syd home. So, I helped her get her shoes and jacket back on and sent her mom a quick text letting her know she was on her way down. I'd no more than pressed send when I saw Sydney fall down the driveway. She'd been running and fell and scraped her hands. So, with Dakota screaming in the house, I ran out and picked up Sydney who was screaming on my driveway. She was upset but didn't have any scratches so I wiped her nose and walked her home. 

Talk about a bang of a morning. Two kids hurt and crying in less than 5 minutes. Luckily it wasn't foretelling of the rest of our day which turned out rather nicely. Dakota did a terrific job at Rolly Pollies and then we had lunch with Mema. A "quick" trip to Target got us a couple new scooters, two bouncy balls and some new bubble wands to replace the broken ones I chucked last week. A good haul for a "quick" trip to Target...

The rest of our afternoon was spent playing with our new toys. Zoe and the two kids she watches came over as well as Sydney and Aeden, our neighbors. It was a busy afternoon watching kids run around the front and back yards but it was very pleasant. There was almost zero arguing and lots of laughing...success.

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