Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Plant Nite!

I mentioned before that Zoe bought herself and I tickets to Plant Nite as a mother's day gift to me and tonight was our night out.  Plant Nite is just like Paint Nite but instead of painting (which I am horrible at) you get to make a little terrarium. That girl knows me so well! She knows I LOVE crafting in all forms so this was right up my alley!

We started with a little cup of rocks, a wooden box, and some cactus soil. First, put some rocks in the bottom of your (plastic lined) pot/box. Just enough to cover the bottom. Then add your cactus soil. She had us fill our box to about an inch under the liner. 

The next part was the hardest; choosing which succulents we'd use. There were lots of options and Zoe and I both settled on three each.

Once we'd settled on our plants we decided how we'd put them in the soil...and then we planted them in their new homes. 



Once they were in the dirt we gave them a few squirts of water and then it was break time for those who needed one. Next up was the fun part, decorating! The trays they gave us had all kinds of  colored and natural pebbles, mini pinwheels, tiny dinosaurs as well as larger stones with paint pens if you were feeling inspired to decorate a rock. 

I decided to go with white rocks beneath my plants with natural stones around the border. I then put some colored moss in one corner and stuck my pinwheel there. At the last minute I decided I wanted a few colored stones in there so I added some blue pebbles for a "water" look. I'm really happy with how it turned out!


Zoe had a harder time deciding which direction to take with hers. She kept wanting to change the placement of her plants once they were in but I talked her out of it and told her she could fill in with rocks and moss. She ended up using a lot of assorted colored rocks, and at first she had them separated around each plant but then changed her mind and mixed them all together. She had a lot of room in one corner of her box and a good amount of space behind a few plants so she filled that area in with the colored moss and her bright blue pinwheel. It turned out perfectly! I love how different ours were despite the common elements. 

The event lasted about an hour and we were some of the last to leave. We both had a good time and I know I'd definitely go again! Thank you, Zoe! 

*Spray succulents once a week through spring and summer. No idea what to do with them through fall and winter... Need 6-8 hours of sunlight a day. 

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