Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Face Swapping

Today turned out quite a bit different than I thought it would. I got Harper off to school and then took Dakota to preschool, as usual, but when I picked her up, instead of going home we headed to Columbia Mall to meet Zoe for lunch. It's raining here AGAIN so it was good to have somewhere to go to get out of the house for awhile. We met at Zoe's Kitchen for lunch and then took Dakota to ride on the merry go round, which she just loves.

Zoe wanted to look for another dress for our upcoming cruise so we checked what they had at JCPenny. She tried several on but didn't love anything and when she went to look for more, Dakota and I went to the play area so she could climb and slide a little bit. She's really getting much too big for those little play areas, but she just can't resist!

We left the play area around 2 pm. We got back in our neighborhood just in time to meet Landon's bus and since it was raining, we waited for him. Zoe decided to come spend the rest of the afternoon with us and just 20 minutes after getting home it was time to get Harper off the bus. Phew! I felt like all I did was run this way and that all day! Tony rolls in around 4 each afternoon and Brandon came by to eat dinner with us as well. So, instead of just the five of us tonight, there was 7, and as usual, it was great! I love when we all get together like that! Nothing planned exactly, it just works out. 

As usual there was lots of running around and playing and silliness and for some reason Zoe decided to get her phone out to do some face swaps. The results really had me laughing!

Those are some scary faces but so dang funny! Happy Tuesday, ya'll!

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