Saturday, June 11, 2016

Celebrating 16 Years with Love Letters

Two days ago Tony and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary. It feels crazy writing that! 16 years is a l-o-n-g time! Marriage is so complicated and a ton of work, but when you think back to all that's gone on over the past 16 years and realize how far you've come, you see how absolutely rewarding it's all been. We, like all couples, have our difficulties but I'd say that our life together has been a happy one. I hope Tony feels the same way but the only way to know would be to ask him. :)

Our day was spent in the way most Thursday's are...he went to work and I did what I do at home with the kids. When he got home, however, I jumped in the shower in order to get ready for a nice night out. The only concrete plan we had for the night was to drive into the city to see Love Letters at the Hippodrome. We left the house around 5 pm (Mema came over to watch the kiddies for us) and got into the city without any problems or delays (which is a minor miracle at that time of day). After we parked in the Hippodrome garage we set out on foot to find some dinner. We ended up hiking all the way to the harbor area and settled on The Capital Grill, a nice but expensive restaurant directly across from the National Aquarium.

We were seated immediately despite our lack of reservation and after a few minutes looking over the menu, we decided to skip an appetizer (nothing really caught our interest) but the waitress mentioned that they had a lobster bisque so I HAD to get a cup of that to start! I cannot pass up a good clam chowder or lobster bisque and I'm so glad I went for it because it was delicious! I didn't even share any with Tony. Oops. I also ordered a Blackberry Bourbon Sidecar, something I'd never in my life tried, and I ordered it solely on how pretty it was in the photo! I took a sip of it and just about died! It was SO strong! When the waitress asked me how my drink was I didn't even know what to say so she offered to take it back to the bar to sweeten it up for me. Thank goodness! Whatever they did to it made it much better and I happily finished it with my meal!

Tony ordered the seared tenderloin with butter butter poached lobster tails and it looked amazing. I'll never know how delicious it was though because after I didn't share my soup he didn't want to share his dinner with me! Guess that's what I get! Ha!

I went a little out of the ordinary (for me) and ordered pan-seared sea scallops with asparagus risotto. It was just perfect. I was a little worried about ordering scallops but they were the best I've ever eaten. So, so good. And, to make up for the soup, I let Tony have a bite of one of my scallops. Just one though.

We didn't order dessert because it was getting a little late so we payed our (hefty) bill and headed back to the theater. There were only about 10 minutes to the show start when we arrived and we were told upon entering that they weren't allowing food or drink into the theater in order to cut down on noise since there were only two actors onstage for this show. Hmm. Interesting. 

I took the picture above just before the beginning of the show and little did I know, that set wouldn't change at all during the whole performance. The entire show consisted of two actors, Ali MacGraw and Ryan O'Neal reading love letters back and forth to one another. They literally sat in the two chairs on stage with their script and read. Now, the story that we were told through the love letters was a good one, but I didn't care for the delivery or lack thereof. I told Tony it would've made a good pod cast or short story but I felt a bit cheated calling this a "show". I heard people whispering about it as we left and while some were excited because of who the actors were, others were feeling the way I did, unimpressed. So, not a favorite, but I didn't hate it either. Can't win them all I guess. 

The show had no intermission and was only 90 minutes long so we were home again by 10 pm. It was a good night and it's always nice to spend childless time with my husband. We talked a lot about a lot of different things and aside from that amazing dinner, it was probably the best part of the evening. 

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