Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Spending Our Minutes Outdoors...

It was pretty hot here yesterday afternoon but we took full advantage of those gorgeous blue skies! After Dakota's hearing appointment she and I headed out to a near by playground. We didn't get to stay long because Ginger was at the groomer and about 20 minutes after we got there my phone rang and the dog was ready to be picked up. Girlfriend would have let me push her on that swing all day had I not gotten that phone call, haha!

I'd told Dakota that we'd do water balloons when Harper got home from school since we didn't get to stay at the park very long and she was super excited when it was finally time. I went down to get Harp's from the bus while she waited at the house with Tony and as soon as Harper saw what we were up to he RAN into the house to get his bathing suit on! He had his shorts, underwear, socks and shoes off and was putting on his swim trunks when I recommended he take his backpack off...he was that excited!

After 50 balloons we decided it was time to do something else so we broke out our new butterfly nets and chased bugs. When the kids weren't able to catch anything they resorted to pulling leaves off of the trees to fill their nets! 

It looked like a storm was blowing in while we were out chasing bugs but after only a few sprinkles it was gone and we took that as our green light to go to the pool. 

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