Monday, June 13, 2016

Harper's Kindergarten Author's Tea

Harper had his very first Author's Tea today. I remember going to these each year Zoe and Landon were in school and it's a tradition I hope continues throughout Harper and Dakota's elementary days. Every year each grade is given a topic to write a book about and for Kindergarten this year it was a "how to" book. Harper's book was called "How to Wash Your Hands" but some others included "How to Babysit", "How to Make a Pizza" and "How to Make a Chocolate Sandwich". All of the books were really cute and I loved listening to each of their stories. 

I have to say that Harper has absolutely no qualms about speaking in front of people. He read loudly and clearly and even stopped to turn his book around and show the pictures he drew. 

Ok, so he may need to work on lowering the book a little so the audience can see his face when he reads but even with the book up high we could hear what he was saying! Some of the kids read their books so softly we thought maybe they were just reading to themselves.


He was extremely proud of his book and there's no way you could read it and not know proper hand washing technique! I was very proud of the work he did and even more proud of how well he delivered it!

Once all of the kids had their turn it was time to celebrate with the tea juice boxes and animal crackers. 

It was a great morning and I'm so glad Tony, Dakota and I were able to be there to support him. I can't believe this year is coming to a close already and he'll be moving on to 1st grade! Gahhh! My baby is growing up so quickly! 

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