Monday, June 13, 2016

Sunday at the Pool

Sunday was another day spent at the pool only this time it was our neighborhood pool. Landon refused to spend another minute at the pool with us though so he's not in any of the pics. :(

We swam the first hour we were there and then when the whistle blew for adult swim, we had dinner poolside. Nothing fancy, just salad and sandwiches, watermelon and Popsicle's. 

The moment the whistle blew, Harper shoved his dinner in his mouth and ran to get back in! He loves playing in the pool and doesn't ever seem to tire of it. It was a bit chilly though so the rest of us stayed out of the water and watched him do his thing. 

When Harper showed me he could float on his back while his legs were bent over the ledge I asked him if he could push himself down under water and put his back against the wall. I thought for sure he'd say no way to that but he surprised me and did it! He pushed himself a little hard and bumped his head but he did get himself all the way against the wall! These two kids are more confident by the day!

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