Thursday, June 16, 2016

In a Blink

Just when I thought the school year would never end, it did. I blinked and my (pre) preschooler became a (4 year old) preschooler, my Kindergartner became a first grader and my freshman came home a sophomore. I've been a little sad about it all day and really just ignoring the fact that the kiddo's are all growing up (I won't even mention Zoe here, Miss Young Adult) on me.

Tonight though, as I was choosing which books to read the kids before bed, Harper came into Dakota's room with tears in his eyes. He said he reached into the big part of his backpack and it was empty so he put his hand in the small zippered part on the front and found just one little slip of paper, some mustang money (something they earn for doing good at school) and it reminded him he wouldn't be going back for awhile. He actually had tears in his eyes and it absolutely 100% broke my heart. So, I held him and asked what he'd miss about school and he told me he'd miss his friend Tobe. I told him he'd see him when he went back in a few months and about all the fun I had planned for the summer. Hugging and talking seemed to do the job but it was around then that Dakota started feeling a little sad about her school too. She told me she wanted me to hold her exactly like I was holding Harper and talk to her about school and summer, so of course, I did.

So, while my babies are all growing and learning and being more and more awesome, they still need some comfort from their momma every once in awhile. I'm so glad I am able to give that to them.

Also, I don't know if it was just Landon's sheer happiness to be out of school for the year or what, but when he came home he hung out with me for about two hours. We just talked about everything under the sun while I worked on whatever I was doing and it was really nice. He's such an awesome kid.

We were expecting stormy weather so instead of running down to the pool tonight we had a movie night. We watched The Rescuer's while we ate dinner and then we all had a slice of chocolate cake that Dakota and I made earlier this afternoon. It was a small celebration but it was nice to be home and cozy with my family. 

Now, for summer...

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