Monday, June 20, 2016

Father's Day

We had such a fun day yesterday.

It was jam packed but fun nonetheless.

We started our day with breakfast at IHOP, Tony's request. We pretty much never eat out for breakfast and I can't even tell you the last time we had IHOP, so it was new and different for everyone. We got there at 9 am and it was quite busy. It was only about a 15 minute wait for a table but once we were seated things were kind of slow. The night before we'd bought tickets to the 10:30 am showing of Finding Dory so we were on kind of a tight schedule. Somehow we did make it to our movie on time but it turns out we could have shown up late because they played 8 previews before the movie came on. Wait, 8 previews and then an absolutely ADORABLE Pixar short called Piper. Someone, and I won't name any names Tony got just a touch choked up over that cute little bird. I'll admit that my eyes may have teared too, flippin' Pixar. 

The movie was a bit long but we all really liked it. Dakota doesn't sit through movies unless she's buckled in her car seat so we just kind of deal with her craziness throughout. She did love Piper though, probably more than the actual movie.

After the movie we went home to try to figure out what we were going to make for dinner and dessert. We decided on grilled hamburgers, sweet potato fries, a zucchini/squash saute and some cheddar/broccoli noodles. Zoe decided to make dark chocolate raspberry pie bars for dessert and they were delicious! While Zoe and I ran to the grocery store to get dinner stuff everyone else got their bathing suits on and went to the pool. As soon as Zoe and I got back from the store, we joined them. 

We didn't leave the pool until close to 5 pm and since we skipped lunch we were all starving. Everything turned out really good though and once dinner was done we got the kids in bed and took a deep breath...ahhhhh...

It was a nice day. Could have just as easily been a child's birthday (going to breakfast, a kiddie movie and the pool) party but we had fun! ;)

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