Sunday, July 3, 2016

And Just Like That, She's Four

Yesterday we celebrated Dakota's 4th birthday. It wasn't one of those sneak up on you kind of birthday's where you blink and poof, there it is. No, it wasn't like that at all. It feels more like we've been getting ready for her fourth birthday since she celebrated her third. It's been this amazing metamorphosis from infant to "girl". Not just any girl, by any means, but a strong, defiant, thoughtful, beautiful being. A girl who doesn't take no for an answer. A mighty girl who can drive you to the brink of insanity in one minute and melt your heart the next.

As parents we always watch for major childhood milestones, but even her smaller progressions have felt significant. Maybe because we spend so many hours together. Maybe because she's my last baby and I'm watching and I know more than ever. Who know's why, but the details are rich. Moments of her being thoughtful, like when we are at the store and someone gives her a sticker and she requests one for Harper as well. Moments of empathy when she sees another child upset and tries to help them feel better. Moments of remorse when she's hurt my feelings and apologizes without being prompted to do so. These fine details are the ones that fill me with pride and the knowledge that my baby is growing up just fine.


She requested a fairy birthday party this year. As soon as she'd decided I hopped on Pinterest for ideas! I gathered up some stuff and we had a terrific little party...

Having so many kids and their parents in the house had me worried but it all turned out just fine. The kids were thrilled to get to play with each other and there was just enough activity to keep them happy. I splurged on the face painter and she was AMAZING! Harper and Landon refused to have their faces painted though and Landon pretty much hung out in the basement with his friend while we were upstairs having fun. (Teenagers...) 

I'd call the party a success and seeing my little sugar have fun made it all worth while. Hard to believe we'll be celebrating Landon's birthday later this month and then Harper soon after that! I've got some major work ahead! 

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Leslie said...

awwww what a beautiful celebration!!!! Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter.

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