Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Kings Wharf, Bermuda, Day 1

Our first port was Kings Wharf, Bermuda and we were so exited and ready to get of the ship! After an entire day of cruising we were anxious to get out and explore.

The first day we chose to go to Horseshoe Bay. We read that the beach there had pink sand and we couldn't wait to see it! 

Lunch on the ship as we cruise around Bermuda. Look at all the different colors in the water!

When we got off the ship the first thing we saw was this:

Pretty cool, huh? If we'd have had time Landon and Zoe probably would have liked to give that a try. I don't know what it's called...water jet packs? 

From the tour bus. We had a half hour drive to Horseshoe Bay.

We were a little disappointed that the sand was white and not pink, but it was GORGEOUS out there! I've never felt softer sand and despite how hot it was the sand remained cool to the touch. There were no rocks to worry about stepping on but no shells to find either. Harper and Landon absolutely loved jumping the waves while Dakota preferred building sand castles. Zoe and Tony used the GoPro quite a bit while Mema and I hung out watching everyone do their thing. The water was comfortably warm and as clear as pool water. It was an amazing place for sure.

Zoe and I were trying to get a picture of the "pink" in the sand. It was sort of pink if you really looked for it!

Horseshoe Bay "Pink" Sand

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