Saturday, July 23, 2016

Landon's 15th Birthday in Bermuda

It wasn't exactly the plan but Landon got to celebrate his birthday while we were cruising. We spent the early morning and afternoon at the beach doing fun stuff like paddle boards and kayaking but we had to be back on board by 2:30 pm. We had time to take a little rest and wash all the day's sand away before dinner at 5:30 pm. While we were hanging out I let Landon open the one gift I'd brought for him, cologne. (We'd been at the mall recently and he really liked Eternity by Calvin Klein, so I grabbed him a little cologne gift set. I didn't see any point buying and bringing a video game or something of that nature since he wouldn't be able to use it anyways!) Mema also brought along a birthday card with some money in it, so he did get a couple gifts on his actual birthday (not to mention an incredible day at a beach in BERMUDA!). He received some nice gifts in the mail when he got home so I'd say he had a really nice 15th.

Sometime that afternoon before dinner I ran down to the dining room and asked if they could deliver a cake to our table at dessert time. Of course they said yes and just as we'd finished our main course a small group of people gathered behind him with his cake in hand. He was oblivious to them standing behind him and as soon as they started to sing he looked surprised! 

He had no idea she was standing behind him! He thought I was just taking pictures, as usual!

Still no idea...

Oh! Hi!

Make a Wish!

And yes, his cake did say Happy Birthday, London...but, there was no time to worry about it since the first time I saw it was at the table! :)

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Leslie said...

Happy Birthday London.. Landon! : ) How cute and lucky is he to spend his 15th birthday on such a gorgeous beach! I know it was a great day!!!!

( have you ever seen the webpage devoted to messed up Walmart cakes~ pretty funny!!!!)

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