Monday, July 25, 2016

Sailing the Day Away (Day 5)

We had two terrific days in Bermuda but the next day was one spent sailing the ocean towards Nassau, Bahamas. We wouldn't be there until around 1 pm the next day so we had LOTS of time to fill.

Every time we'd see a line dancing class Mema would remark on how she wished she could learn line dancing. So, when I noticed a large group of people learning how to do a country line dance, I drug her out on the dance floor. She was very reluctant but I guaranteed her no one would be watching and that no one knew what they were doing, including me! Tony took a few pictures and I'm pretty much laughing my ass off in every one of them! It was really fun but we got in on the dancing right at the end so we hadn't a single clue what was going on!

Once we'd had our "dance lesson" we put on our swim suits and hit the pool deck for awhile. 

We had lunch in the Windjammer and whiled away the day running all over the ship. 

That evening, while the kids were sleeping, Mema offered to sit with them while we went out for a bit. We stumbled upon a silly game everyone was playing in the Centrum called "If You Know It, Dance It". Basically they would play a song and the team who did the corresponding dance first would win points. It was a pretty fun game even though our team lost. 

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